A trio of Taylors Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper crisps, the exact same product as Mackies Haggis crisps.

The return of the legendary Mackies Haggis crisps: a crunchy tale by Taylors

In the grand lore of Scotland, the creature known as the Haggis holds a place of mystery and intrigue. This mythical being, a symbol of Scottish cuisine, has long been the muse for many tales and traditions. Here at Taylors, we’re carrying on this legacy, not through the art of storytelling, but in the best way we know – by creating exceptional crisps. The very same as they were, when they were Mackies Haggis crisps.

A Beloved Legend Returns

We know you’ve been waiting, and we’re thrilled to announce the return of a cult favourite from our Seasonal Crisps Range: The extraordinary Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper. Yes, you heard it right! The legendary flavour you’ve been longing for will be back on the shelves early this November.

While the Haggis has been the subject of many a wild tale, our version is less elusive. As each crisp comes packed with the robust, meaty essence of haggis, balanced perfectly with the tingling heat of cracked black pepper. It’s a flavourful encounter that takes you on a journey through the highlands, bringing the Scottish spirit to life with every bite.

From Mackie’s to Taylors: The Snacking Story Continues…

If you’re a long-time fan and you remember savouring these under the Mackies Haggis crisps banner, we have great news! As Taylors Snacks, we’re continuing the tradition, serving the same fan-favourite flavours under our new identity.

A Snack Odyssey

The Haggis, often represented as a creature of mystery, is at the heart of our flavour. With our Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper crisps, we bring you not just a snack, but an adventurous quest for flavours steeped in Scottish folklore.

Imagine, if you will, embarking on a quest across the rugged highlands, the crisp air filled with anticipation. The objective? To capture the elusive Haggis and the coveted treasure it holds – the distinctive flavour that sets your taste buds on a jig.

The Mackies Haggis crisps COMEBACK!

And who else to guide you on this journey but your trusted companion, Taylors Snacks? We’re here to navigate the wild landscapes, conquer the harshest climates, and face the mythical Haggis in a challenge of wits and will. And all this effort for what? To ensure that you, our dear snack adventurers, get to enjoy this unparalleled taste sensation.

It’s not just about capturing the Haggis but about carrying forward a beloved tradition. Because at Taylors, we honour this age-old legend by serving you the flavours of the Haggis, paired with the fiery kick of cracked black pepper. It’s a celebration of Scotland’s culinary heritage, a tribute to the nation’s love for flavourful journeys, and a salute to the legendary Haggis!

If you liked Mackies Haggis crisps…

Join us this November as we raise a toast to the return of the legendary Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper crisps. With each packet (150g sharing bags or 40g single serve!), you’re not just buying a snack. You’re taking home a piece of Scottish folklore, a slice of tradition, and a whole lot of flavourful fun!

The Chase Is On!

We hope you’re ready to venture into the realm of the Haggis. Because with Taylors at your side, you’re in for a crisp adventure like no other. Brace yourselves, snack lovers. The chase is on!

Did you know?

Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper crisps were first introduced by Taylors as Mackies Haggis crisps. They quickly became a cult favourite. Today, Taylors continues the tradition, bringing back the legendary flavour that fans love and crave.

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Happy snacking, and happy Haggis hunting!

  • Chunky crisps

  • Bold flavours

  • Unique crunch

  • Irresistible popcorn