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Straight Cut Crisps

It all starts with terrific tatties. We cut them extra thick, then cook them very gently, because our unique crunch deserves extra attention.

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Ridge Cut Crisps

We let all our crisps do the talking, by serving up true potato taste. And our ridged cut flavours will have you coming back for mmmmore.

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We know how to treat our hand-cooked corn kernels. The extra care we take means that every single pop is music to our ears – and your taste buds.

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Lentil Waves

The curvy shape of our waves isn’t just for flair – it comes in handy when we gently toss them to lock in that incredible flavour.

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The Mackie’s Crisps you love are now called Taylors.

“The Taylor family has farmed in Errol, Perthshire for around 100 years – spanning four generations. We started making crisps in 2009, in partnership with the amazing Mackie family.

Our snacks range has grown since the noughties, with popcorn added in 2015, and lentil waves in 2019. In 2022, we worked closely with the Mackies to take on full responsibility for the snacks business under the Taylor family name. Mackie’s of Scotland continue producing their award-winning ice cream and chocolate.

As 2023 progresses, you’ll see the Taylors Snacks branding roll out across our entire range. So keep your eyes peeled for Taylors in the snack aisle. It’s the same great crisps, popcorn and lentil waves you know and love – just with a new name, and new packet.”

James Taylor
Managing Director & Pickled Onion Fanatic

Popping perfection

Did you know we do popcorn too…? Hand-cooked, we’ll have you know…! 

We coat and season all our perfect pops in cinema-worth flavours. You’ll be transported straight back to your younger years, which is why Taylors popcorn can play a starring role in any great night in.

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What makes Taylors crisps so special?

Thick-cut crisps

We cut our terrific tatties extra thick, to hold their flavour. No wafer-thin nonsense here.

Unique crunch

The combination of thick-cut crisps and gentle cooking gives our crisps their signature crunch.

Cooked gently

We take our time when we cook our crisps. Good things come to those who wait…

Tattie taste

We embrace the potato, which is why our crisps taste like the spuds they represent.

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