• Chunky crisps

  • Bold flavours

  • Unique crunch

  • Irresistible popcorn

What we stand for

We’re not your average Joe. We’re Taylors.

The nonconformists, with an itch for uniqueness.
The eccentrics of the snack aisle.
Taking fans off the beaten track.
Because out-of-the-bag thinking is baked into our very being.

We mark our tattie territory with integrity. Real salt-of-the-earth people. Rolling up our sleeves and digging deep. To unearth the unmistakable Taylors.

Our welcome mat is well trodden. From parties to picnics, we unite with flavour. There’s no welly-wearing bouncer on the door. Everyone’s part of our family.

Shoulder to shoulder, with snacks in hand. We believe in good people, good times and great flavours. That bring everyone together.

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