Grace from Edinburgh, with her haggis crisps, leaning out of a haggis taxi.
Grace celebrating with her year’s supply of Taylors Haggis Crisps, delivered in a Haggis-wrapped black taxi.

A Crispmas Miracle: The Heart-warming Tale of a Girl and Her Favourite Haggis Crisps

Grace’s Crispy Campaign

When Grace, a determined young lady from Edinburgh, couldn’t find her cherished Haggis and Black Pepper crisps, she did something extraordinary. She wrote directly to our Managing Director, James Taylor, expressing her heartfelt desire to see her favourite crisps back on the shelves year-round. This simple yet powerful act of a young fan has not only rekindled our passion at Taylors Snacks but has also captured the attention of media outlets like BBC Newsround, turning her story into a nationwide sensation.

Grace's letter, which she wrote to Taylors MD, James Taylor - campaigning for haggis crisps to return.
Grace’s beautiful, hand-written letter, campaiging for the return of Taylors Haggis Crisps.

A Taxi-load of Treats

In a delightful twist, Taylors Snacks orchestrated a special surprise for Grace. We sent a taxi brimming with her favourite Haggis and Black Pepper crisps and included a “golden ticket” for an exclusive tour of our factory. Our response to Grace’s letter, which garnered attention on platforms like Sky News, reflects our deep commitment to listening to and valuing our customers’ feedback and engagement.

Greg Smith and Grace from Edinburgh, being presented with haggis crisps in a haggis taxi.
Taylors Head of Marketing, Greg Smith, presenting Grace with her Golden Ticket.

The Taylors Haggis Crisps Comeback

Responding to Grace’s initiative and the echoing call from our customer base, we’re thrilled to announce the return of the Haggis and Black Pepper crisps. These beloved crisps are now also available in more convenient 40g bags. Expanding their presence across a wider array of retailers and food service outlets, as The Independent rightly highlights.

Empowering Young Voices

The response to Grace’s letter has been overwhelmingly positive, with her mother, Becky, expressing immense gratitude to Taylors for acknowledging and validating Grace’s initiative. As noted in The Irish News, this experience has not only brought joy to Grace but also serves as an inspiring example of how young voices can make a significant impact.

Grace holding up Taylors 40g Haggis Crisps.

Seasonal Flavour, Year-round Taylors Haggis Crisps Enjoyment!

While these crisps will be featured as a seasonal flavour until February 2024, we are excited to make them available year-round through our online channels, including Amazon. This ensures that fans like Grace can enjoy their favourite flavour anytime, as highlighted in The Daily Record.

The Taste Remains Unchanged

Our transition from Mackie’s has not altered the beloved recipe of these crisps. Maintaining the unique thick-cut crunch and the authentic flavour, we have simply given them a new, stylish look under the Taylors brand. Ensuring that the crisps you love remain just as delightful as ever.

Find Taylors Haggis Crisps

As we revel in Grace’s passion for our Haggis and Black Pepper crisps, we invite you all to explore your own favourite flavours. Whether it’s rekindling an old love or discovering a new one, our range has something for everyone. Find them now in Tesco and soon in Sainsbury’s, ASDA, and Morrisons. And for those who can’t wait, visit our eShop to get your hands on these delightful crisps today: Taylors Haggis Flavour Potato Crisps.

  • Chunky crisps

  • Bold flavours

  • Unique crunch

  • Irresistible popcorn