Three photos of potatoes, from left to right; in a field, in a sorter and a heart-shaped potato. In honour of National Potato Day.

Celebrating National Potato Day with Taylors Snacks

It’s that time of the year again when we pay homage to our hero ingredient, the humble potato. Yes, it’s National Potato Day (19th of August)! Here at Taylors Snacks, we’re all about the tattie, and we’re celebrating in a big way this year with an exciting #TattieArtChallenge and a light-hearted ode to our beloved spud.  

four different types of potato dishes, from left to right; mashed potato, roast potatoes, chips and a baked potato with baked beans.

A National Potato Day ode to the tattie!

To kick off the National Potato Day celebrations, we’ve penned a poem dedicated to our favourite vegetable… Have a read over, hopefully it’ll make you smile.  

Potato, oh Potato, fresh from the earth,  

This National Potato Day, we know your worth.  

Hardworking Tattie in the morning dew,  

For the love of crisps, we salute you.  

Sprouting in fields, where the thistles blow,  

With a playful wink, and a hearty ‘hello!’  

Pulled from the grounds, with seasoned hands  

Off to Taylors Snacks, to meet your fans.  

From plough to pack, your journey we trace,  

Turing you into crisps with unmatched grace.  

Tumbled and spun, you put on a show,  

On National Potato Day, you’re ready to go.  

Golden and crispy, a seasoned sight,  

Transformed Tattie, you’re our delight.  

Without you, our snack selves wouldn’t be so bright.  

So, here’s to you, on this fine potato day, 

Taylors Snacks stands up to say, 

To the humble Tattie, our cheers we send, 

You’re not just our ingredient, but our truest friend.

Join the Taylors #TattieArtChallenge 

Two girls preparing their #TattieArtChallenge entries, by painting with potatoes.

Now that we’ve paid our respects to the potato, it’s time for some fun on National Potato Day! We’re excited to announce the #TattieArt Challenge. This is your chance to get creative with potatoes. You can carve them, paint them, or even use them as stamps – the possibilities are endless!  

How to join in this National Potato Day:

To enter the challenge, email us your Potato Art at, or post us your artwork directly to our headquarters at The Old Brickworks, Inchcoonans Road, Errol, Perthshire, PH2 7RB, UK. For extra luck, post on your profile with #TattieArtChallenge hashtag. We know what you are thinking and YES, all artwork will be displayed proudly in our National Potato Day hall of fame.  

A girl and a boy preparing their #TattieArtChallenge entries out in their garden, painting with potatoes.

We can’t wait to see your potato creations! So, let’s get crafty, celebrate our favourite vegetable, and make this National Day a memorable one. Happy National Potato Day from all of us at Taylors Snacks! 

  • Chunky crisps

  • Bold flavours

  • Unique crunch

  • Irresistible popcorn